Seven Indictments Of Wickedness

Upon ALL Jehovah’s Witnesses

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The voice of Jehovah is hewing with
the flames of fire. 
(Psalm 29:7 NWT) 

"Is not my word correspondingly like a fire,"
is the utterance of Jehovah,
"and like a forge hammer that smashes the crag?" 
(Jeremiah 23:29 NWT)

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There will be a great lesson of Godly Discipline to be learned for all Jehovah's Witnesses (former or current) themselves, since they play such a vital role in this world wide prophetic drama. Yes this is true, because the things mentioned in The "Report" document are actually "INDICTMENTS" against them as being transgressors against Jehovah's Laws. And as such, they therefore need to be severely "disciplined" because of their "lawlessness." -- Hebrews 12:5, 6; 1 John 3:4

Of course, we are all painfully aware of the unfortunate, yes regrettable fact the vast majority of Jehovah's Witnesses would not even give the most
minute consideration to the things mentioned in this document to be of any consequence to them, as if any peril from God is forthcoming their way. Nevertheless, again we repeat if such aforementioned Godly Displeasure & Wrath should come upon Jehovah's Witnesses world wide, yes if things do really come to pass as foretold in bible prophecy, ahhh yes then again, would it not prove the veracity and accuracy of the accusations of wrongdoing [indictments of sin] being leveled against them, as brought to light by this particular written dispensation, the "Report" Book series.

To make ourselves perfectly clear, this document asserts that Jehovah's Witnesses are
guilty of espousing or sponsoring many teachings and practices that are not in harmony with God's will and written Word. For example, the teaching or doctrine of 1914, as being the year of Christ's Heavenly enthronement. This doctrine is a complete falsehood and wicked ruse played upon 8 million unsuspecting adherents of it. Thus because of such teachings and practices, Jehovah's Witnesses are in danger of being found in the end, "false witnesses" of God and having their worship rendered completely "in vain." (1 Cor. 15:15; Matthew 15:8, 9) In the end, bible prophecy reveals most Jehovah's Witnesses (vast majority) will remain undaunted and totally resistant to these claims of "indictment of wickedness" on their parts. Indeed, THE "REPORT" document highlights that only a small portion, the "humble" among them, will survive this ordeal and experience of the "42 months of trampling" by the nations (or "Great Tribulation"), and finally experience true spiritual "restoration" or "Palingenesis" [Matthew 19:28 NWT ftn] to God's Favor. -- See Zephaniah 3:11, 12; Matthew 17:11; Matthew 19:28; Luke 21:24; Revelation 7:9, 10, 14; Revelation 13:5-7.

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Written By:

Donald C. Burney

(Author of The "REPORT" Book)

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